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The following policies establish in explicit terms in how will behave, comply, warn and use the different points mentioned below, for a correct compliance policy.

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Privacy policy.

The following writing establishes terms in how uses, stores and protects the information that is provided for any user by using this site. Allhacked will not sell, cede or distribute the information stored in a personal capacity under any circumstances without your consent.

The only information that is stored on the site, in a personal capacity, corresponds to the necessary data to the different fields of the form that is sent as a comment in some posts, posted in the blog.

Users can exercise their rights by contacting the creator of this site, using the mail address

These rights are access, rectification, canceling/deletion, limitation, opposition and portability in any time. To verify the accuracy of the data associated with your claim, you must digitally sign the email/document of your request or attach your scanned identity document.

You can use if you wish, the models and forms available on the portal of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Consent policy.

Allhacked is a personal blog, non-profit with the sole objective of providing and diffusing knowledge for free, this is why, this website is currently free of either own or third-party services, which provide some method of monetization.

The content of this page is protected under the Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND) license. 

As is under this license, you as a user agree to comply with it, and this means that, in case of sharing, you must at least indicate the corresponding credits.

Allhacked and therefore, its creator Rafael Moreno López, IS NOT RESPONSIBLE UNDER ANY CONCEPT of the unsuitable use of the knowledge/information exposed in as well as, the knowledge/information displayed in the third party and/or external pages that could have been linked in this blog. All the information, knowledge, PoC (Proof of Concept), etc. are published with the aim of promoting and raising awareness all users of this page the importance of security in all possible areas and thus be able to improve, thanks to what has been learned in this blog, security in all aspects against cyber-crime.

Some of the links and/or projects linked on this site may have a different license statement and/or policies, so if you want to use these contents you must accept the different policies and/or licenses related to each of the pages, which are unrelated to and in which case they must be treated externally.

Allhacked does not allow creation and, therefore, the management of new accounts in this blog. Only and exclusively there will be the account of the creator (Closer).

Cookies policy.

Allhacked makes use of cookies for better behavior, management, and improvement of content. This website uses Google Analytics, a service belonging to Google, Inc. that gathers information to generate usage statistics from At no time will this third-party service be used to generate any method of blog monetization.

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If at any time the user has any doubts, questions or even wants to comment, either for any typographical error or error, regarding the policies described above or any questions in general, you can contact through the email address